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Lighting Solutions


 A range of units, including design, molding, plastic injection, welding, rinsing, electrostatic powder paint lines, assembling, sales engineering, and domestic and foreign commerce, with experienced managers and personnel dedicated to enhancing the quality and quantity of their products. The company considers its customers as its most valuable asset and prioritizes their satisfaction. In pursuit of this objective, the company focuses on producing high-quality products and has taken effective measures to achieve this goal, such as innovating and designing new and diverse models that comply with authoritative standards using top-quality materials.

By leveraging the expertise of domestic engineers and effective communication with affiliated companies, the company has made significant strides in the lighting industry. It has adopted new techniques and strategies to manage its operations and has introduced a wide variety of products in different sectors of production. The company's scope includes the construction of street lights, parks, flats, reflexes, industrial and workshop lighting, with each section having its unique specifications. In recent years, We have also diversified its portfolio by manufacturing LED products, including SMD and COB types.


commitment to excellence and innovation makes us a reliable and trusted partner for customers seeking top-quality lighting solutions.

Golnoor is a leading provider of high-efficiency, top-quality indoor and outdoor lighting products, steel structures, and renewable energy services. With a strong focus on comprehensive R&D activities and collaboration with professional designers, we are dedicated to satisfying various lighting industry requirements and fulfilling a broad range of customers' needs.

Our state-of-the-art workshops and equipment, coupled with our highly experienced engineering team, allow us to produce lighting products that adopt the latest energy-efficient technologies and meet international industry standards. As a result, Golnoor has gained recognition as one of the top exporters in the Middle East and is widely regarded as a leading lighting industry provider in the region.

Offering after-sales services and consultation

Golnoor has significant equipment and technical advantages that make us the ideal choice for customers seeking high-quality outdoor lighting and custom solar projects, backed by excellent after-sales services. These advantages include:

  • The largest outdoor lighting workshop in the Middle East, featuring advanced molding capabilities for big-size molds, a die-cast workshop, pressing workshop, and painting workshop.

  • The most developed metal-structure workshop for producing lighting poles and masts, equipped with a press brake, automatic welding machine, and underwater plasma cutting machine.

  • An accredited laboratory capable of carrying out tests according to national and international standards.

  • Cooperation with the most reputable international companies in the lighting industry.

  • A professional team specializing in architectural lighting design, photovoltaic system (EPC project), oil, gas, and petrochemical industry.

These features and advantages give Golnoor a competitive edge and enable us to provide top-quality products and services that meet the diverse needs of our customers.



LED Lights

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Lawn Lights

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Park Lights

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Classic Lights


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