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LT-33 Level transmitter is used for controlling the liquid level in a tank. It has a nominal pressure of PN16/40, and its max. working temperature is 150 °C (302° F). Threaded or flange connection can be used. LT-33 may be used in petrochemical industry, refineries, power plants, industrial projects, and water treatment facilities; particularly in Acid tanks, pressure vessels, condensate tanks, deaerators, and fuel/water tanks.

Liquid Level Transmitter LT33

SKU: 364215376135199
  • This device works based on physical rules regarding liquid pressure and electromagnetic forces. This kind of level transmitter is suitable for top and side mounted installation on the tank. If tank is located underground, this device is the best choice to indicate the level of fluid.

    The ball floats moves up and down as the level of liquid changes; the magnetic field around the ball causes resistance variations in a circuit board inside the tube. A certain amount of voltage is created, and then converted to a standard 4 to 20 mA current. 

  • These types of transmitters are installed on connection flanges on top of storage tanks. For tanks deeper than 2 meters, fluid turbulence may damage the main tube; therefore, a guide must be welded on bottom of the tank.

    When LT is to be installed on sides of a tank, a chamber must be used; in this case, LT is settled vertically inside the chamber with the connections (threaded or flanged) secured. Note that side-mounted level transmitters have distinctive design and manufacturing that makes them suitable for this purpose.

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