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We prioritize meeting consumer needs and satisfaction by utilizing modern machinery and experienced specialists in the different industries

Our Philosophy

Mofid Trade has earned distinction as a successful international trading company, renowned for its adept ability to source, import, and export goods while delivering unparalleled services to our valued clients. Our company possesses a nuanced understanding of global markets, encompassing an appreciation for cultural nuances and regulatory variances that significantly impact international trade. This comprehensive insight empowers us to discern the most promising markets and formulate optimal strategies for success. At Mofid Trade, we take pride in offering a dependable supply chain, facilitating the sourcing of high-quality products at competitive prices, and ensuring the seamless delivery of exceptional products and services. This commitment extends to conducting rigorous quality control checks on all products prior to shipment, along with stringent adherence to our company's exacting quality standards by all our suppliers. Your business deserves a partner that prioritizes precision, reliability, and excellence in every aspect of international trade. Mofid Trade is dedicated to delivering on these principles, ensuring the success of our clients in the global marketplace


Our Journey

With a rich legacy spanning over four decades, Mofid Trade stands as a premier entity in Uzbekistan, distinguished by its extensive expertise and notable achievements. Our core focus lies in the provision of designing and producing diverse array of high-pressure vessels, including hot water boilers, steam boilers, storage tanks, and various industrial burners. With experience of our engineer we were able to do over 200 different projects in Uzbekistan. In addition to these offerings, we are actively engaged in advancing British LOW Emissions systems, water reverse osmosis systems, and innovative solutions for the lighting industry, particularly for street applications. At the helm of Mofid Trade are founders and managers endowed with substantial experience, contributing significantly to the design and manufacturing processes of our products. We are committed to surpassing consumer expectations by leveraging cutting-edge machinery and a team of seasoned specialists across various industries. This unwavering commitment is pivotal in realizing our overarching objective of delivering a comprehensive range of contemporary heating and lighting solutions.

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