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High Quality Burners

at affordable price


The MOFID TRADE Group upholds honesty and adheres to a strict code of ethics. We prioritize the planet by minimizing pollution emissions to comply with international standards. Our commitment to using the latest global technologies in the combustion industry ensures we produce high-quality products. We take pride in our efforts to achieve maximum customer satisfaction, which has led to our success in technical and engineering services both domestically and in foreign markets, including Russia, Uzbekistan, and the United Arab Emirates. As one of the largest facilities manufacturers in the Middle East, we export world-standard products and are on the vendor lists of major companies such as Oil Company and Mapna. Our influential presence in several large oil and power plant projects in Iran further reinforces our expertise and credibility.

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Designed with high quality and aesthetic appeal.

Designed to operate with low noise levels and minimal environmental pollution.

A two-year warranty on our selected products.

We provide five years of support services for our products

Different prices are offered for various customers, with a variety of models available, all of which meet the highest standards.

Our expertise includes ideation, design, simulation, and manufacturing of a variety of industrial burners, including monoblock, dual block, furnace, fire heater, and water tube burners. These burners are developed in different types of single and combination fuel burners, capable of burning up to four significant fuels (Natural Gas, LPG, Light Oil, and Heavy Oil), and are designed to comply with global pollution standards. We specialize in ultra-low NOx premix and post mix burners with minimal levels of pollution emissions.

Our company supplies combustion systems for various projects, including hot water boilers, hot air, steam, hot oil, ceramic and metal melting furnaces, fire heaters, and furnaces related to petrochemical industries, and other heating equipment used in urban and industrial sectors. We design and manufacture burners with the relevant project's expected capacity and operational conditions, including combustion air supply with high-performance fans (based on project requirements), duct systems, air adjusting dampers, and industrial silencers.

Our services also include designing and manufacturing pump stations and feed lines for light and heavy oils, as well as pre-heat stations for high viscous fuels such as heavy fuel oil using electrical or steam heaters. We also design and supply high and low-pressure gas train lines using well-known high-quality equipment.

Offering after-sales services and consultation

Our services include providing long-term after-sales support, field investigation and evaluation, technical consultation, installation and adjustment, and starting up all types of burners in various projects, including power plants, petrochemical, refining industries, powerhouses, and heating systems. We also offer consultation services for optimizing boiler rooms and selecting the appropriate product based on the operating conditions. Our team provides consultation services for choosing fuel feed lines and starting up requirements. We have an expert team for installing, adjusting, and starting up burners in the field.

Furthermore, we offer long-term after-sales services to ensure our clients' satisfaction with our products and services.

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Years of Experience

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Number of Projects

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Low NOx Burner

Low Nox burners are suitable for a broad range of domestic and industrial applications, with a firing range of 190 to 10500 kW. These burners have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation based on Iran's national standards ISIRI-7595 (DIN-EN 676) for gas operation and ISIRI-7594 (DIN-EN 267) for oil operation. In low excess air operations, CO values have been recorded at less than 30 mg/kWh, and sometimes even approaching zero. The precise design of the combustion head and the benefits of FGR systems have resulted in NOx emissions falling into class III, typically below 80 mg/kWh and individually lower than 40 mg/kWh, which have been approved. The burners' superior design and high-quality electronic components have also contributed to increased boiler efficiency and performance, leading to lower fuel costs and emissions.

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