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Floater air vent is useful device to discharge air or gases in the liquid line it has two types of flanged and screwed. Working attributes are: size varies from DN15 to DN25 and PN16nominal pressure, 125 working class, 220°C or 428°F maximum working temperature. this air trap is produced base on DIN or ANCI  standards . 

Air Vent Type AV13

  • There are usually air or gases in the liquid line and system, this air or gases causes to disturbance of liquid current , equipment corrosion , inappropriate operation of pumps or do not let system fulfill with liquid .it should be evacuated from system and this is air vent function .      AV13-01 is specifically designed for hot or cold water or other similar systems. This kind of air vent can be serviced or maintained easily without any separation from system or line .A floater in side of trap opens or closes orifice by using connected lever which is moved the small shot, according to the air measure. Opening of orifice is gradually and transient alteration does not effect on it. This type of air vent is more useful in the system which gas or air is produced permanently and also used in thermal and cryogenic energy transfer system or other similar case.

  • Floater air vent must be installed vertically and its floater and lever stand horizontally and the arrow on name plate show downward. A bypass system can be considered for emergency or servicing time. In following fig., correct installation are shown

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