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This device has a micro switch which stimulates it's own particular blade. With this capability is able to control fluid flow inside the pipe by sending command to different electrical devices, such as pumps or electro motors or etc. This type of flow switch is S.P.D.T and is used in the non-flammable liquid line.



Flow Switch 16-02

  • This type of flow switch can not be used in liquid pipe lines  which have lower temperature than the freezing point.

    To function properly, the bland must not grip to the bottom of pipe. so, choose suitable  blades according to pipe size. 

  • Flow switches type FS 16-02 have to be installed through 1" socket (rather vertically) at top side of the pipe line. If device is installed horizontally, the fluid flow should be upward. Because of gravity, device makes an error in contrariwise installation.

    Attention: Please, note to arrow on body for correct installation

    Factory adjustment is set on minimum flow rang. Please, do not decrease the flow less than factory adjustment .otherwise, the flow switch dose not command to flow interruption.     

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