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The positioner is working on the basis of the force balance principle and controls the proportional position of

control valves. The input signal air pressure is transformed by the diaphragm in the diaphragm chamber

into a force which is then compared with the force of the feedback spring . If both forced are balanced, the

positioner is in its steady-state condition.

I to P Positioner Type 3730-1 Samson

  • I TO P positioner is used for controlling the valve with Type NCV 24-11 by input flow. 

  • Supply pressure is too low- mounting incorrect recomendation action: check supply air and positioner mounting and setting. re-initializing the positioner. No supply air, mounting blocked no input signal or input signal bellow 3.7 mA. Recommendation action: check supply air, positioner mounting and MA input signal. Re-initializing the positioner. wrong pin position,  wrong lever, wrong attachment direction when NAMUR attachment is used. 

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