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Our magnetic sensor type MS15 Ex, which may be used with  our magnetic level gauges, benefits from Ex d protection. A change of liquid level inside the chamber of a level gauge will displace the ball float; the magnetic field around the ball float will activate the sensor on the level in which it is fastened. A switch signal can be obtained at any desired level by fastening a sensor to the chamber in that level; more switches can be installed as long as there is enough space on the chamber. Depending on the customer’s needs, its switching system may be a DPST or SPDT latching contact. One sensor would support a range of 2 cm; the user will need more sensors to cover a longer distance.

Level Gauge Sensor MS15-Ex

  • Magnetic Level Gauge MS15EX install next to the Level Gauge.When the floater goes up exist magnetic field and finally change to the Micro Switch.

  • A clamp is used to place this sensor on the body of a level gauge on the level in which a switch signal is desired; then it will be fixed in place by tightening the screw. Cable gland should be suspended downwards. Problems may occure in the sound functioning of level gauges if magnetic metals are present near the sensor or the level gauge itself.

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