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LSP4 level switch probe, alongside Eyvaz CP33 level controller, is used for Alarm and On/Off liquid level control applications in boilers, pressure vessels, and other types of tanks; to which it is connected through either a 1” threaded NPT or a 1½” 300# flanged connection. This level switch has a nominal pressure rating of PN40, and the operating temperature range is between -20 ˚C and +235 ˚C.

Level Switch Probe Type LSP4

  • LSP4 is connected to a boiler or tank by means of a threaded or flanged connection. This level switch has four detachable tips, which are used for sensing liquid levels. Depths in which a signal is desired can be determined by cutting the tips to desired lengths. Standard probes provided alongside the equipment are 1 m long; an extra length of 1m can be added, depending on customer’s requirements. When the equipment is used in a metal tank, electric current will enter the fluid through vessel’s body (the fluid has to be conductive). If the tank is made of polymer, one of the tips shall be used as reference (the path which leads the electric current to the fluid). Other tips send pulses to the controller upon getting inside or outside the fluid; this way, the controller shall realize the fluid level inside the tank and will send electrical orders as necessary. The voltage and amperage of the electric current between probe tips and the controller does not exceed 6 V and a few mA, which is harmless for the user.

    Installation position: This equipment should only be installed vertically on top of the tank.

  • This equipment is installed on top of a tank or boiler through a threaded connection and in a vertical orientation. A pack of nuts are provided inside product package; these nuts are used to connect tips to the body. Cut the tips to desired lengths before connecting them. Tip steadies provide insulation between the tips, as well as keeping them apart from each other. For a more detailed version of wiring diagram, please see CP33 commissioning manual.

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