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Level switch type LS-10 is useful to control level of liquids.  Its working attributes are: 4 bar working pressure, 50 °C or 122° F working temperature. This device is used in water, acid, chemical tanks and also in Water-pump station, Concrete reservoir, Sinkhole and water wells .

Liquid Level Switch Type LS 10

  • Function of LS-10 is based on electro-mechanic. It is designed on simple operation and consists of PP floater ball and special PVC related cable. This device is hanged to the place which you want to control liquid(Max. 40m in liquid). By increasing and facing liquid level to device, position of floater is changed and became horizontally. In effect of this, steel shot which is normally on limit switch lever, is disconnected and transmit a switch. a sinker is prepared on LS-10 ,prevents to float ball while liquid level goes upper .whenever liquid level is decreased this function is inverted. By this way limit switch sends ON-Off commands to electrical circles for controlling pumps and alarm devices. All plastic parts are screwed or welded.  

  • Place type LS-10 on the level which you need to control and then fix the coble on the tanks.  Liquid level controller is utilizable with 24VAC and according to different request can use one or more device for charge or discharge or alarm reservoirs of liquid. Function of this type is shown in the following figures.

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