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Level switch type LS-04 is useful  to control device level of liquids.  Its working  attributes  are : 10PN nominal pressure, flanged connection , 150 °C or 302° F working temperature  . this device is used in water, fuel ,acid, De aerator tanks and also condensate, under pressure caldrons ,water treatment systems and etc.

Liquid Level Switch Type LS04

  • Function of this device is based on electro-mechanical with change of liquid level, the floater ball with connected lever  move up and down (vertically) This movement transferred through a connecting rod, to magnetic piece at end of the rod in effect of this, position of other magnetic piece which there is behind flange, is changed and start or stop the limit switch. On-off commands is sent to the electrical circuits for controlling electrical equipment such as Electro-pumps, solenoid valve and etc. this instrument is installable with more safety . because of mechanical or electrical disaffiliation between the part inside and outside of liquid. By using of holes which are prepared on lever and changing  the position of pins, height  can be controlled. Instant turbulence do not cause to circuit open or close. All parts inside liquid are made of stainless steel and have durable life. This instrument is thoroughly sealed against penetration of water.

  • Type LS-02 liquid level controller is capable to install  horizontally on rim reservoirs. First of all special flange which is made by this company, should be welded on its place, then level controller is installed  from related flange by bolts and nuts and fix its position .

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