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LT-44 Level transmitter is used for controlling the liquid level in a tank. It has a nominal pressure of PN16/40, and its max. working temperature is 150 °C (302° F). Threaded or flange connection can be used. LT-44 may be used in petrochemical industry, refineries, power plants, industrial projects, and water treatment facilities; particularly in Acid tanks, pressure vessels, condensate tanks, deaerators, and fuel/water tanks.

Liquid Level Switch Type LS08

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  • Electromagnetic and liquid pressure forces are the basis of LT-44 design. This device may be mounted on top or sides of a tank; it’s the best choice for liquid level indication and control in underground tanks. Changes in liquid level moves the float up and down and, as result of the above-mentioned physical forces, sensors and resistors inside the tube generate a (4….20mA) amperage or (0…10V) voltage in the output. This output signal may be transmitted to a control panel to display liquid level as percentage. Also, switching commands can be saved in the internal memory of CP-23 in order to control liquid levels by turning electro pumps on/off in two designated liquid levels. Actuators other than electro-pumps can be used if needed. The 4-20mA current may be sent directly to the PLC for the user to observe liquid level as percentage in control room, and to send on/off commands. All wet parts are made of stainless steel, which guarantees a high level of durability. This device is fully water-tight.

  • This equipment may be installed on top of tanks through a threaded or flange connection where the circumstances require (e.g. in underground tanks). When the height of tank is more than 1500mm, a guide should be installed on bottom of the tank to avoid damage to the tube as a result of liquid turbulence or other forms of pressure. If side-mounted installation is needed, LT-44 can be placed inside a chamber that is connected to one side of the tank by means of two nozzles.

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