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Level switch type LS-14 is useful device to control level of liquids.  Its working attributes are: PN25 nominal pressure, flange connection, 250 °C or 482° F working temperature. This device is used in water, fuel, acid, De aerator tanks and also condensate, under pressure caldrons, water treatment systems and etc.

Liquid Level Switch Type LS14

SKU: 632835642834572
  • Safe operation of this unit is guaranteed if only it is installed, started up and maintained by qualified and skilled people, and most importantly, based on its instruction.Before starting to unit's installation, start up or maintenance, you must be sure that you have appropriate tools. Before ordering this device, make sure that it is suitable with temperature and pressure of your working field.  


  • Type LS-14 liquid level controller is capable to install  horizontally on rim reservoirs. First of all special flange which is made by this company, should be welded on its place. then level controller is installed  from related flange by bolt and nut and fix it accurately.

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