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Manual Globe Valve type 16-250 is used for adjusting the flow rate within the valve output range, as well as opening/closing the process pipeline. This part is manufactured based on DIN standard with a nominal pressure of PN16 and a maximum working temperature of 350 ºC, and the size varies between DN15 to DN 250. It can be used for steam, thermal oil, or other non-combustible gases and liquids.

Manual Globe Valve (Bellows Seal) MGV16-250

  • Valve stem and plug can be lowered or elevated by turning the valve handwheel; as a result, seat-to-plug distance will change and flow rate can be controlled or stopped altogether. Bellows seal (mechanical seal) provides insulation between the valve body and bonnet and will guarantee sound functioning in high temperatures.

  • MGV 16-250 can be installed on the process line through flanged connections. Gaskets should be placed between connection flanges before fitting nuts and bolts. This valve can be installed in both directions and in vertical or horizontal orientations.

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