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his product is suitable for steam or inflammable gases such as compressed air which their input to the pressure reducing valve is maximum up to 19 bars. In this product you can choose suitable pressure reducing valve for your favorite output pressure according to the following table. It is necessary to mention that the color of plastic cap at top of pressure valve's adjustment volume shows the color of spring's cross section that used in the valve.      

Pressure Reducing Valve PRV Type 40

  • The safe operation of unit  is guaranteed only if it is installed , started up & maintenance by qualified & skilled person  and based on its instruction.                      

  • You have to uninstall the valve before doing any repair.  The valve and its seat and plug must be kept clean. Any strainer must be installed before PRV.  The strainer screen fitted inside the PRV must be cleaned regularly, so that the flow of the valve didn't restricted or obstructed. The internal strainer is part of the valve seat assembly. For opening this assembly use a 32mm A/F spanner.                                                                                                                                

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