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Pressure switch type PS-LT1 is used to control the amount of pressure inside the watering and pumping systems ,tanks and pressure lines (for temperatures below 70 ° C).this device is designed for controlling the pressure from 15 Psi to 145 Psi .it is suitable from (-10….66 ° C) for ambient temperate. This equipment is installed with  ¼” gear connection.


Pressure Switch Type LT1

  • The foundation of PRessure Switch LT1 is electromechanical.This kind of pressure switch is usually mounted vertically on the top of the tank from the gear connection. please be careful for fixing this device from the brass nut use suitable wrench. Never use the body part for twisting and closing , Use the wrench to fasten as shown below. this device has  a ¼” gear connection.

  • As this equipment is installed in tanks and under pressure systems, so be careful when installing this device pay attention that the amount of the thread is sufficiently insert to the connector ,otherwise due to the system pressure ,  the pressure switch may break away from its location and cause damage. By using the wrench you can fix this device as shown in figure 1. When you install this equipment be careful about the temperature of installation place if it is under 70 ˚C the pressure switch must be installed directly and in higher temperature the pressure switch must be installed with a loop to avoid damaging the pressure switch. If the installation has severe vibration, it should be fitted with a flexible (elastic) tube farther away.

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