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Self –operated pressure control valve is used to counteract excess pressure of a system on the adjusted set point. Its adjustable pressure range is 0.2…28 bar and 3…400Psi and its size varies from DN15 to DN100 or 1/2" to 4". Its nominal pressure is PN16 or PN40, Working Classes is 150 to 300 and Maximum Temperature is 350°c OR 662° F. This device is made based on DIN and ANSI standards. 41-23 valve is usable for liquid, non-flammable gases and steam lines.

Self-operated Excess Pressure Controller PCV Type 41-73

  • Type 41-73 steam pressure reducing valve controls the output pressure and keep it in the special set point automatically. This valve is normally closed and as the output pressure increases, it gets gradually open. This valve is suitable for all fluids except inflammable gases. The correct direction of steam in the valve is indicated by one arrow on its body. Input pressure is transmitted to the actuator by control line (via condensate chamber and connection tube, if fluid is steam), and entered to the diaphragm then input pressure is conducted to actuator by shaft to plug in effect of this, plug

  • This valve is proper to horizontal installation on pipelines. Its actuator has to be upside down. After installation get assure that it is not compressed with pipeline. Because of its weight, this valve may need a supporting guide close to connection place. This will prevent shakes to damage the valve. Never use any kind of shackles to stop shaking of valve or actuator.

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