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Self –Operated pressure control valve is a useful device to fix pressure on an adjusted set point. Its adjustable pressure range is 0.14~8.6Bar and 2~125Psi. It is produced from DN125 to DN150 size, based on DIN standard. Its nominal pressure is PN16 or PN25 and in 6" size based on ANSI. Working class is 150# or 300# and maximum working temperature is 350℃ or 662°F.  23-33 valve is usable for liquid, non-flammable gases and steam lines.

Self-operated Pressure Control Valve PCV Type 23-33

  • Type23-33 steam pressure reducing valve controls the output pressure to keep line pressure in the special set point automatically. This valve is normally open and as the output pressure increases, it gets gradually closed. This valve is suitable for all fluids despite inflammable gases. The correct direction of steam in the valve is indicated by one arrow on its body. Position of plug and free area between the plug and seat controls the rate of steam flow, this function is performed by a pilot valve and adjustment it on special set point. The extra pressure behind pilot valve is transferred to the actuator of master valve through triode ways, then rod transmits this pressure to the plug. As a result, the position of seat and plug is changed

  • This valve is only suitable for installation in horizontal pipelines. The flow direction in the valve must be corresponded with the arrow on its body and the actuator of device must be installed upside-down. Before pipeline designation, pay attention to the input and output size and distance of valve from consumer.

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