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TD 42 steam trap is useful device to evacuate condensate from steam line. Its size varies from DN15 to DN25 or 1" to 1/2" as thread connection. The working pressure is 42bar, and maximum working temperature is 400ºC. This steam trap is produced based on DIN and ANSI standards.

Thermodynamic Steam Trap TD42

  • Type TD42 steam traps can be installed vertically or horizontally.  Flow direction must be corresponded with arrow direction on the body.

  • In steam lines and its related equipment, steam creates condensate in effect of contacting with environment and exchange of heat .This condensate causes to water hammering in line, decrease temperature of system and steam cannot move in tubes appropriately. To avoid mentioned problems and increasing efficiently of system and also to transfer maximum thermal force, this condensate must be exited of the line immediately and guided to condensate tanks. Stream trap is a useful device to do this. Thermo-dynamic steam trap is well known as disc trap. Function of this device is based on a plug and its seat and thermo-dynamic laws. To prevent wasting energy and environment corrosion, ENP cover is used on exterior surface of this device. TD42 is used in steam line, Driers, pressure units. Autoclave, heater machines and … a lot, because of its simple structure, low weight & mass, high draining capacity, resistance to the freezing, corrosion and water hammering.    

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