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Steam traps are used to remove condensate from steam lines. This type of trap is applied for high pressures, and has such capacity to get repaired without separating from the pipeline. It is equipped with a bimetal ring to drain excess air in the system. It has a high discharge capacity due to its low weight and volume, and also the ability to be installed in different directions. Moreover, it has good resistance against the frost and water hammer.

Thermodynamic Steam Trap With Bimetallic Air Vent Type TD62

  • The thermodynamic trap is an extremely robust steam trap with a simple mode of operation. The trap operates by means of the dynamic effect of flash steam as it passes through the trap, as depicted in the image below. The only moving part is the disc above the flat face inside the control chamber or cap.

    On start-up, incoming pressure raises the disc, and cool condensate plus air is immediately discharged from the inner ring, under the disc, and out through three peripheral outlets.

    Hot condensate flowing through the inlet passage into the chamber under the disc drops in pressure and releases flash steam moving at high velocity. This high velocity creates a low pressure area under the disc, drawing it towards its seat .

  • The Thermodynamic Trap should be installed in a horizontal plane such that disc movement happens only in vertically up and down directions.

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