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This steam trap is useful device to evacuate condensate from steam has two type of flanged and screwed ,its working attributes are :  size varies from DN32 to DN50 or (1/2" to 1"), PN16/25 nominal pressure, 125/ 150 working class and 220°C/250°C or  428 ˚F /482 ˚F working temperature . This steam trap is produced base on DIN or ANSI standards.

Thermostatic Floater Steam Trap FT14

  • In steam line and its related equipment, steam creates condensate in effect of contacting with environment and exchange of heat .This condensate causes to water hammering in line and decrease temperature of system and because of this steam cannot move in tubes appropriately. To avoid mentioned problems and increase efficiency of system and also to transfer maximum thermal force, this condensate must be exited of the line immediately and guided to condensate tanks. Steam trap is useful device to do this .There is a ball inside the trap, condensate floats ball, a rod has been attached to ball and when the ball goes up, the rod moves a small shot, this shot gradually opens or closes the orifice depending on condensate measure and transient alterations dose not effect on it. This kind of steam trap is especially useful for those situations which producing condensate is permanent or too much, such as energy transfer systems like heat exchangers and coil containers and like these. This trap has a thermostat which conducts extra air and gases out of system and also this thermostat discharges of condensate if any damage is occurred for floating ball.    

  • Floater of steam trap is installed vertically or horizontally in pipe line. In case this trap is installed vertically, fluid current will be from upside to the case it is install horizontally , fluid current will be write to left or left to the write ,the floater goes up and down and arrow on plug shows downward. If this equipment are not assemble base on your requirement, you can return that to the company for requested reassembly or you can remove cap from body and by screwing cap ,the arrow direction stands to the downside and reassemble air trap (refer to the maintenance part).

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