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Thermostatic stream trap is useful device to vacated Condensate of steam line .nominal pressure is PN 40.Its connection is BSP or NPT screwed, or in special cases, in flanged form with size varies from 3/8" to 1"and working temperature is 250°C .

Thermostatic steam trap TS21

  • TS-21 contains flat strainer , small body and low discharge capacity and it is produced and tested base on  DIN standards ,this device is appropriate for environments with high corrosion, TS-21 works on thermostatic properties .A capsule inside the trap open or close the orifice by using  contraction or expansion of liquid. Opening of trap is impermanent and depended on being Condensate behind it or not. When Condensate is in the trap output orifice is open and vacates condensation. By interring steam into the trap, liquid inside the capsule is expanded and closes the orifice and prevents from steam exit .TS-21 is repairable and has unique design, also can be install in any positions. This device is used in steam line, Driers, presser unite, autoclave, heater machines and etc.

  • This kind of Thermostatic steam trap is installed in any statues and works easily.

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